Vision, Values and Promises

Playful & Ambitious - Generosity & Strength

Our goal is to create an arena for children to grow safely, happily and self-efficiently. It is about social skills – about helping other children, playing with them, comforting them and encouraging them. And it is about learning, both physically and academically.

Seeing as the children spend what may be the most important years of their lives in our kindergartens, the years when basic skills are learned, and social skills developed, their lives here will have a positive impact. We want their experiences here to give them a joy for life and the strength to live it.

Vision: We make the world’s most valuable asset grow!
Values: Playful & Ambitious, Generosity & Strength

Promise to the children

We care about you and support you in becoming the best you can be!

Promise to the parents/guardians

Our goal is to create a social learning environment with a lasting, positive impact.

Promise to our employees

We will offer you every opportunity to develop and grow professionally and personally. We support your needs and aspirations.

Promise to “new” kindergartens

In becoming a part of Læringsverkstedet you will keep your local profile and uniqueness, yet be part of a community of exceptional resources for further development.

Promise to the municipalities

We seek to collaborate on every level, and will be a good team player for the benefit of the children.