Læringsverkstedet has, in cooperation with Arne Brimi and the Ryfylke chef, Frode Selvaag, developed the food concept A Great Meal, where we focus on local, home-made and healthy food, traditions, culture and the joy of food.

Some ingredients need to be tested several times!

Food is both an important culture bearer and learning platform. Our goal is for the children to not only love food but also experience the joy of making it and enjoying it with others!

Salmon on a plank is a classic in A Great Meal

Use untreated wooden planks that are about 60 cm long and 15 cm wide. Soak them in water for at least two days to make sure they are properly moist. Nail whole salmon fillets to the planks using steel nails. Make sure they are lying skin down on the plank. Slice a chequered pattern into the fish and season with herbs/spices. Put the planks on rocks or similar around the camp fire.

Norwegian, fresh and local ingredients

Through the children, we want to convey knowledge and provide inspiration with regard to sustainable food and a healthy diet. We focus on increased awareness around fresh ingredients; where they come from, how they are grown and how we can retain their nutritional value and their great, simple flavours.

The food tastes better together!

We are working every day to make the meal an arena for great experiences, conversations, reflection, learning and community for all children and adults in Læringsverkstedet. We simply want to show the children all the values a great meal can provide and all the things we learn by sharing it with others!