Tvildemoen is situated at Tvildemoen in Voss municipality and constitutes Model D in our building catalogue.

Gr. floor: GFA 587.8 m2 / UFA 548.6 m2
1. floor: GFA 505.6 m2 / UFA 466.9 m2
Internal LOA: 507.2 m2

Number of departments
5 departments

Flat, rectangular lot. Access from the north-west.

The building is situated on the north side of the lot and serves as a buffer towards the road beyond. The playground is situated on the south side of the building, facing east. There is a sheltered playground for the youngest children on the east side of the building, next to the outdoor sleeping area / pram shed. The parking lot, entrance and waste disposal area are situated on the west side of the lot. Emphasis has been on centralised entrances and short distances between the entrances and the playground. The placement of the new building enabled continued operation throughout the construction period.

Floor plan / arrangement
Model D is organised over two floors. The eastern section of the ground floor contains two departments for small children, with a shared entrance and cloakroom. The western section of the ground floor contains a flexible department, which can be used by small children and big kids, as needed. In the middle section of the building, on the ground floor, is the main entrance, a shared kitchen and a large motor function room. On the first floor is the staff area to the west and two departments for big kids to the east. The first floor can be accessed from an external staircase, or via a lift and stairs inside the building. The motor function room has a double floor-to-ceiling height and can be used in connection with the outdoors area via a direct exit facing south.