Kaldvell is situated at Kaldvell in Lillesand municipality and constitutes Model B in our building catalogue.

Gr. floor: GFA 1032.6 m2 / UFA 981.1 m2
Internal LOA: 505.5 m2

Number of departments
5 departments

Flat, square lot. Access from the north.

Access and parking is located to the north of the building. The staff/main entrance is located on the north side of the building. The entrance to the department for small children is located on the west side of the building, and the entrance for big kids is located on the east side. There are roofed outdoor areas along the entire east and west side of the building, as well as outside the motor function room / kitchen area on the south side. There are large sliding doors leading from the motor function room.

Floor plan / arrangement
Model B is arranged all on one floor, with a technical utility room in the loft. The floor plan is divided into three sections, with two departments for small children to the west, three departments for big kids to the east and a common area in the middle. The middle section is closely connected to the departments for small and big kids. This section includes a staff/main entrance, staff room, water adaptation room, social skills room and a large common room with a kitchen. The common room can be divided in two with an accordion wall. The small children’s departments have a shared entrance on the west side of the building. Each department has a baby care room, pram shed, workshop, a smart cloakroom, and a common area directly connected to the main room. The three departments for big kids have their entrances on the east side of the building. Two of the departments share a common entrance. All the departments are directly connected to the common area. The workshop rooms can be accessed from the common area, as well as one department. One of the big kids’ departments is facilitated with a baby care room and pram shed, so that it can also be used as a small children’s department.