Sports Kindergartens

Educational sports are when you combine educational and sports-related elements together with sports, play and movement. The pedagogy always comes first and sport, play and movement are used to achieve educational goals. One example will be to promote social relations or goals within the different subject areas in our framework.

The children´s physical education is included in the educational work. We focus on the child´s development, both physically, mentally, socially and cognitively. The children will have positive experiences and or hope is that they will take with them good habits and experiences further in life.

Central to the topic is the focus on joy of movement and food. We follow the authority’s recommendation for diet and physical activity and facilitates a varied program of movement and good meal experiences every day.


  • Development
  • Song and music
  • Drama
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Sports Kindergartens

  • Active children
  • Fun physical activity
  • Body control
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Nature Kindergartens

  • Outdoor fun
  • Stimulus for the senses
  • Interaction
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  • Christian faith and tradition
  • Church holidays
  • Value promotion
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