Læringsverkstedet Solkollen kindergarten operates with an extended objects clause and communicates values rooted in the Christian faith. The Christian dissemination of values takes place in the kindergarten's everyday situations and in educationally organized activities. Bible stories are linked to the children's everyday life making them relevant and recognizable.


We focus on giving all children in Solkollen kindergarten an understanding of the Christin holidays. We adapt the program for the individual age groups and kindergartens. Some of the holidays we focus on is Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.


  • Development
  • Song and music
  • Drama
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Sports Kindergartens

  • Active children
  • Fun physical activity
  • Body control
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Nature Kindergartens

  • Outdoor fun
  • Stimulus for the senses
  • Interaction
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  • Christian faith and tradition
  • Church holidays
  • Value promotion
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