Playful Learning, Interaction and Mastering

The Principles of Our Educational Work

  • children’s self-worth
  • active adults
  • active learning of terms
  • principle of repetition
  • spiral principle
  • interactive gatherings/groups
  • learning environment

Prinsipper i vårt pedagogiske arbeid

  • Barns egenverd
  • Aktive voksne
  • Aktiv begrepslæring
  • Repetisjonsprinsippet
  • Spiralprinsippet
  • Interaktive samlinger/grupper
  • Læringsmiljø

Play and Physical Activity

We use various methods for using all the senses, including:

  • role-play
  • solitary play and parallel play
  • drama
  • music and song
  • rhymes and verses
  • dance
  • fairy tales and stories
  • rule games
  • arts and crafts
  • obstacle courses
  • excursions
  • cooking

“A Good Meal”

Food and flavour are an important culture bearer and learning platform, which is why we, in collaboration with Arne Brimi and the Ryfylke chef, Frode Selvaag, have developed the food concept A Good Meal.