At Læringsverkstedet, we have an important job. We makethe world’s most valuable asset grow, so each child experiences self-worth. This is a demanding task that requires the help of each individual employee to build our culture from the inside.

At its best, a sound company culture energizes its employees and makes them feel that their work is helpful and important. A strong culture mobilises energy that cannot be found elsewhere, creates a feeling of community, room for creativity and development and contributes to building team capacity.

“A company’s greatest advantage is a healthy company culture” (author and organisation specialist Patrick Lencioni)

But what creates a great company culture? Every single culture is unique and consists of many complex factors. By working on behaviour, i.e. how we do things and how we act, we can explore, implement and evaluate our actions together, thereby experiencing the culture in practice.

That is why we have chosen to define a set of cultural indicators as an important step on the road towards building a differentiating culture. These cultural indicators describe what our vision and values look like in practice. This is the basis for everything we do every day. Our goal is to ensure that every single child experiences self-worth. Our customers too, the parents and guardians. And of course, our employees.We have a welcoming atmosphere.

  • We show genuine interest in you.
  • We keep things tidy both indoors and outdoors.
  • We provide especially good service.
  • We surprise you.

A healthy organisation is all about integrity and a consistent and coherent value foundation in practice; in top management, local management, in our strategies and in the work of each individual kindergarten.

All these cultural indicators apply first and foremost to the children, then to parents and colleagues – and everyone we meet.

We are not quite there yet, but we are always working to improve. We talk about it at work, practice it, share our experiences and evaluate. We may never be perfect, but we can be even better tomorrow than we are today.

Tell us as often as you can about how you experience our culture, and we urge you to give constructive feedback. This helps make us even better!