At Læringsverkstedet, we want the children we meet every day to fully experience and understand just how important they are. Each individual child represents an opportunity for us to communicate their value through smiles, hugs and lots of kind words.

Our goal is for all children to be seen, heard and cared for. This is the basis for our entire educational concept. We will provide our children a basis for development, and a platform to become the best possible version of themselves through playful learning, interaction and mastering.

The Principles of Our Educational Work

  • Children’s self-worth
  • Active adults
  • Active learning of terms
  • Principle of repetition
  • Spiral principle
  • Interactive gatherings/groups
  • Learning environment

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The Læringsverkstedet educational tree symbolises the distinctive features of our educational concept:

  • Strengthening children’s self-worth is at the core of our educational work.
  • The roots are the foundation, and the leaves represent our five subjects.
  • Play and physical activity constitute the tree trunk that carries the five subjects.

Playful Learning

Play gives children confidence, teaches empathy and develops social, physical and cognitive skills. Play is also an important part of the work with our five subjects: mathematical games, languages, the Heart Programme, nature and creativity.


The quality of interaction between children and adults is essential to how children experience life and their days in kindergarten. Interaction is also important for children’s development in areas such as social skills and languages. Both areas strengthen the establishment and development of friendships, play and learning. Creating a sound and inclusive social environment in which the children actively participate, requires us to be safe, warm and competent adults.


Læringsverkstedet is a place for children to explore, play, experience and master various opportunities and challenges. Through play and physical activity, our children become part of a community that strengthens self-worth, self-efficiency and joy of life.

Our Five Subjects

In our educational concept our Curriculum's 7 fields of study are assembled into 5 subjects, which again make up an educational weekly program for each individual kindergarten.

The Heart Programme

The Heart Programme is literally the heart of Læringsverkstedet. It has been developed to provide children with a suitcase filled with positive experiences they will bring with them in life. The Heart Programme and its heart symbol are our way of working with social skills and relationship skills. A large part of the foundation for caring, empathy, understanding and tolerance is formed during our childhood years. It is therefore important for us that every child gets to experience, hear and feel that they are valuable, every single day

Art, creativity and aesthetics play an important role in Læringsverkstedet. One of our most important jobs includes stimulating the children’s imagination and creative enthusiasm. Children should experience the joy of making something for themselves, as well as being creative and making something together. This provides security, self-efficiency and strengthened confidence. By facilitating the use of imagination and developing creative thinking, we enable the children to express themselves in their own way. We provide all children in our kindergartens with the opportunity to develop through music, dance, song, activities and using various types of arts and crafts materials.

Children need language to actively participate in play, and play challenges the child to use and develop language in interaction with other children. We therefore facilitate a language environment that provides children with ample opportunity for varied play, conversations both indoors and outdoors, stories, reading aloud, rhymes and verses, song and music. Daily life and activities are adapted to each child’s individual qualifications for developing language and language understanding. Language enables children to influence their environment and be part of the community.

We want to provide each child with a solid foundation for understanding mathematics. Children start developing their mathematics skills early, and they are curious and fond of numbers, counting, shapes, sizes, sequences and contexts. Children use mathematics for sorting, measuring and comparing, and they need words and expressions to use in play and activities in order to achieve a holistic understanding of context.

Children should experience the diversity of nature, and they should be allowed to wonder, explore and experiment. We spend time outdoors every day, and we go on excursions at least once a week. We use the resources we find in our local environment, both in walking distance and on longer excursions. Experiencing nature and the changing seasons is important for children to experience how nature changes, its beauty and the opportunities it provides for play, exploration and activities.

Play and Physical Activity

We use various methods for triggering all the senses.

“A Great Meal”

Food and flavour are an important culture bearer and learning platform. We have therefore, in collaboration with Arne Brimi and the Ryfylke chef, Frode Selvaag, developed the food concept A Great Meal.

Our concept kindergartens


  • Development
  • Song and music
  • Drama
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Sports Kindergartens

  • Active children
  • Fun physical activity
  • Body control
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Nature Kindergartens

  • Outdoor fun
  • Stimulus for the senses
  • Interaction
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  • Christian faith and tradition
  • Church holidays
  • Value promotion
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