The Zulu Sponsor project was created by Mari Maurstad in February 2005, and Læringsverkstedet has the pleasure of supporting the project.

The story began back in 2004, when Mari was on a safari in South Africa and met orphaned children of parents infected with HIV. The meeting made a strong impression on Mari, and soon Zulu Sponsor became a reality.

Through donations made by sponsors of various sizes, Zulu Sponsor implements a number of different projects in South Africa of all shapes and sizes. Some of the work of the project includes having its own educational fund, running schools and kindergartens, erecting buildings for various purposed and operating vegetable gardens where the local population cultivates nutritious ingredients.

At Læringsverkstedet we have “The Heart Programme”, which is literally the very heart of our organisation. A big part of the foundation for caring, empathy, understanding and tolerance is formed during our childhood years, and the Heart Programme involves teaching the children about the lives of children in other countries and cultures, and the joy of helping others.

Through interactions and activities with the children, we teach them that everyone can make a difference, and that we can help those who less fortunate than us. We contribute to financial support for children in South Africa, and in return the kindergarten children learn things they can use both in development and play.

For more than 12 years the Zulu Sponsor project has demonstrated that helping helps, and we therefore encourage our kindergartens to support Zulu Sponsor and link this to our Heart Programme.

Read more about Mari Maurstad’s Zulu Sponsor project here.