​In Kibera more than one million people live in an area no larger than a couple of square kilometres. Many of them are children. The population lives in extreme poverty, and most people cannot afford to send their kids to school. Kindergartens hardly exist.

A lot of the things we take for granted at home, such as access to electricity, running water, medical assistance and work, are in short supply. There is no sewage network, so serious diseases spread rapidly. Læringsverkstedet is now working on establishing a kindergarten in Kibera. We want to build a centre for 100–150 children to experience learning through play and belonging to a community. In Kenya children are expected to read and write before they start school. We want to help provide a basis for the children in the project to succeed.

Læringsverkstedet aims to provide basic reading and writing education, necessary materials and food, to make sure the children have enough to eat when they attend kindergarten. We are collaborating with Noracta, which is currently running several small schools in the area. Noracta possesses the local knowledge and contacts necessary to implement such a project. Soon you will be able to follow our project on the Facebook page “Kibera Kindergarten in the Slum”.