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This is Læringsverkstedet

We are the largest private kindergarten chain in Norway – a large organisation with a goal of developing and operating the best kindergartens in Europe.

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Our Story

Behind the story of Læringsverkstedet is two people’s genuine passion for child welfare.

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Play and Learn

Playful learning, interaction and self-efficiency are the foundation of all our educational work. We provide space and room for learning as a prioritised form of interaction and learning.

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Values and Promises

We work every day to ensure the growth of the world’s most important values: Children’s self-esteem, parents’ security and the professional knowledge and pride of our employees.

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Keep up with our latest news, articles, blog posts and activities.

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Warm-hearted people – professional brilliance! Working with us requires a genuine interest and commitment for the children. It also requires knowledge and professional expertise. We recruit among the best!

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Jobb Hos Laringsverkstedet

Cultural Work

Culture grows and is not a regulation to be adopted! The cultural work at Læringsverkstedet is all about who we are, what we create and for whom we create it.

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Financial information

Facts and figures – financial reports and information about us.

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Finansiell Info

Social Responsibility

At Læringsverkstedet we have the resources to contribute outside the gate of our own kindergarten, which is why we do just that.

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Concept kindergartens

Some of our kindergartens have a strengthened focus on Christian values, music, nature or sports.

  • Outdoor fun
  • Stimulus for the senses
  • Interaction
  • Active children
  • Fun physical activity
  • Body control
  • Development
  • Song and music
  • Drama
  • Christian faith and tradition
  • Church holidays
  • Value promotion