Læringsverkstedet is the largest private kindergarten chain in Norway, and the only national Norwegian kindergarten operator where both owners are educationalists. We are a company driven by our owners’ strong commitment and participation.

Læringsverkstedet aims to develop and operate the best kindergartens in Europe, where our children feel valuable, our parents feel secure and our employees are given every opportunity to do a great job. The fundamental idea of Læringsverkstedet is that all people are valuable; not because of what they say or do, but because of who they are.

At Læringsverkstedet we use our own social competency programme, “The Heart Programme”, to develop a feeling of self-worth in adults and children for social interaction. In Norway we use our own internally developed programme Playful Learning, Interaction and Self-Efficiency in the fields of mathematical games, languages, nature, creativity and social skills.

In total, we have nearly 6000 employees and 20 000 children within our organisation, which comprises just under 200 kindergartens in Norway and about 70 kindergartens and schools in Sweden.

6000 employees – that’s a lot of skill in one organisation! That is why we are focusing on, and facilitating, a clear sharing culture in Læringsverkstedet. Sharing leads to new questions, thoughts and solutions. We learn together and develop ourselves both as people, and as an organisation.